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City or County Permitted Nonprofit Operated Transitional Encampments

County Supervisor Manu Koenig and City Councilperson
Sandy Brown discuss Transitional Encampments with Brent Adams

RFQ presented to the City of Santa Cruz for
Safe Harbor Transitional Encampment Community

Transitional Encampments

As part of City Manager's presentation to City Council March 12

Power point background 4 4-3 temp.jpg
Eugene, Oregon's Rest Stop Program
Transitional Encampment info sheet
Santa Cruz city mangers office presentation on
Transitional Encampments to city council Feb. 26, 2019
transitional encampment flier march

Transitional Encampment Proposal to city council

March 12

City Manager's Report Sept. 13, 2017
City Manager's how-to guide for community members
Administrative Order 53-17-03-F of the City Manager

Seattle's Permitted Transitional Encampments

Permitted Encampment Evaluation June 28, 2017
Encampment Expansion August, 2015 - City Ordinance 23.42.056
Director’s Report Transitional Encampment Interim Use Amendments Jan. 2015

Santa Cruz Safe Harbor Village  - formerly Sanctuary Camp 

“Safe Harbor Village” operated by Warming Center Program

Transitional Encampment Framework January, 2019

Sanctuary Camp - Presentation to Smart Solutions 2014
Sanctuary Camp - Church & Property Owner Presentation 2014
Video: Brent Adams' West Coast Tour of Permitted Encampments 2016 
Video: Original Sanctuary Camp Presentation Video 2014
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